Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My live Comcast chat with an operator

chat id : 249418ff-b7cf-4297-a291-33f6651681bf

Problem : I'm 5'6, weigh 125 pounds and love to sail

Peggy > I'm 5'6, weigh 125 pounds and love to sail
Cariza > Hello Peggy_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Cariza. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Cariza > Hello. How are you today?
Peggy_ > Hi Cariza, I'm great, how are you?
Cariza > It's nice to hear that you are doing great.
Cariza > I'm well, Thank you for asking.
Cariza > How may I assist you today?
Peggy_ > are many people not doing great?
Peggy_ > well, i am about to buy a boat, i love to sail
Peggy_ > but i also love my internet
Peggy_ > do you like to sail?
Peggy_ > can i get internet on my boat?
Cariza > Yes, I do .
Peggy_ > I love you name, where is it from?
Cariza > I just want to clarify, you want to have internet connection on your boat. Am I right?
Peggy_ > It's like Crazy, but not
Peggy_ > Yes, yes, i would love internet connection on my boat
Peggy_ > high speed
Peggy_ > i like to go fast
Cariza > Please give me a minute to check on that for you
Peggy_ > great thank you Cariza
Peggy_ > Can i call you Rizzy?
Peggy_ > I like that name, Rizzy
Cariza > Sure, Thank you for your compliment.
Peggy_ > I have a business, which i will do from my boat
Peggy_ > so i need high speed internet
Peggy_ > I love having the wind in my hair
Cariza > As I check on this one for you, we do have Comcast Broadband but please give me a minute to check if you will be able to have connection when you are on the boat
Peggy_ > Sometimes i just get my husband to blow on my head just so i have the same feeling as sailing on the sea
Peggy_ > of course, no problem Rizzy
Peggy_ > Do you know any good movies about sailing?
Peggy_ > I have seen Pirates on the Carribean 8 times
Cariza > Yes, I have watch the 3 movies of the Pirates of the Carribean.
Peggy_ > which is your favorite?
Cariza > Here you can click on this link to check out High speed 2go: http://customer.comcast.com/help/highspeed2go
Peggy_ > i like the 1st one the best
Cariza > I like the third one./
Peggy_ > and will the highspeed be available on my boat?
Peggy_ > i can sail close to the land if that helps
Peggy_ > and slowly, i can sail slowly
Cariza > Here's where you can check if it available on your area: http://www.comcast.com/corporate/Learn/HighSpeedInternet/high-speed-2go.html?fss=2go
Peggy_ > that might help too
Cariza > Yes, I have watch the 3 movies of the Pirates of the Carribean.
Peggy_ > ok great, i will check that link, thank you Rizzy
Cariza > You are most welcome. Peggy.
Cariza > Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Peggy_ > Yes, there is something else
Peggy_ > Do you bake?
Cariza > No, I'm sorry about but I don't bake.
Cariza > Tried to learn but never had.
Peggy_ > I have been trying (unsuccessfuly) to bake a cherry pie for some time, but i burn the crust
Cariza > How about you?
Peggy_ > every time i burn the crust
Peggy_ > oh i love to bake
Cariza > I know how you feel,.
Peggy_ > it's odd as my cupcakes come out great
Peggy_ > i ice them with little beagles
Peggy_ > beagles are my favorite dogs
Peggy_ > what is your favorite dog?
Cariza > I like shiatzu..
Peggy_ > oh they are great dogs! Little Shitzus!
Peggy_ > one day you should come sailing with me and my beagle. You can bring a Shitzu or a Shiatzu, whichever you prefer
Peggy_ > would you like that?
Cariza > That's would be great.
Cariza > Peggy, as much as I want to chat with you about personally things we are only here to give you Comcast support comcast service. May I know if there anything else I can assist you with your Comcast services?
Peggy_ > fantastic, i will wear a purple shirt so you know it's me
Peggy_ > um, no i think that is all for now
Peggy_ > one last thing
Peggy_ > where is your name from?
Cariza > My name is from the south east part, Thank you for your compliment.
Peggy_ > south east? What? Florida?
Cariza > I'm actually in the Philippines .
Peggy_ > Oh i love it there! Great monkies in the Phillippines
Peggy_ > monkies everywhere, am i right?
Cariza > No, Just on the provincial part.
Peggy_ > so there are no monkies with you right now as you work?
Peggy_ > i thought there would be monkies everywhere, helping you work, brushing your hair.
Cariza > Of course there's none.
Peggy_ > getting you coffee and donuts
Cariza > Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Peggy_ > Yes, I have an itch. A lady itch. Creams don't seem to help.
Cariza > I am not doctor Peggy. I am sorry to hear though.
Peggy_ > It's ok. I am sure time will heal it.
Cariza > Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Peggy_ >No...unless you want to see a movie sometime
Peggy_ > Pirates of the Carribean
Peggy_ > we could go to that
Peggy_ > I could pick you up from the Phillippines in my boat
Peggy_ > then sail to the cinema
Peggy_ > and you can use the high speed internet on my boat if we can get it working
Peggy_ > you can bring 1 monkey if you would like
Peggy_ > but no more than one because they can be a nuisance on the high seas
Cariza > I would love to but I have to work here and give support to other Comcast subscriber.
Peggy_ > Rizzy? are you still there?
Cariza > Yes, I am still here.
Peggy_ > ok Rizzy, thank you for you help today
Cariza > You are most welcome
Cariza > I am happy that I was able to help you in resolving this issue. If you do not have any other concerns, you may properly close this interaction by clicking on the End Session button. You may receive a 3-question survey after this chat. Kindly take some time to fill it up as we value your feedback about our services. Thank you for contacting Comcast. Have a great day!
Peggy_ > Yes, yes i will fill out the survey
Peggy_ > you too Rizzy!
Cariza > Thank you.
Peggy_ > BYE RIZZY!
Cariza > Goodbye.

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