Friday, July 24, 2009

Email to Amish newspaper 'The Budget'

Dear B. Keller,

Recently, I hired a young Amish man (Jebadiah Stoltzfus - do you know him? very sweet with a wicked sense of humor!).

Anyway, he came to me in response to my ad in the newspaper, your newspaper, The Budget, in my search for a Personal Assistant (my last one Rose, ran off with the chap who worked part time at the local video store -[Mon through Wed]). Upon looking at Jebadiah's impressive resume and interviewing him for quite some time I found him to be a very well spoken, intelligent young man. Hence, I offered him the position as my Personal Assistant.

Well, after 5 weeks working under me i think a more apt position for Jebadiah is Personal Ass-istant. He can't do anything. I have asked him numerous times to photocopy documents for me. He stares at me blankly, then 3 hours later will turn over to me hand-written copies of the documents i asked him to copy for me. Really, Jebadiah?

Then there is the problem of answering my phones. In that he doesn't. He let's it ring off the hook. He says he can't answer the phone and i say: 'You have two hands Jebadiah...use them, that's why God gave them to you!'. Again, blank stares.

He also refuses to ride the elevators with me up to my office. Likes to take the stairs he says. That's fine Jebadiah, we all like stairs. But not when my office is on the 22nd floor and it takes 18 minutes for you to make up up there. I don't have time for that! I have a business to run!

I have had words to Jebadiah about his laissez-faire attitude around the office, but it seems to make no difference whatsoever. I do not want to fire young Jebadiah, (it's not in my nature to fire people) but i don't know what else to do.

Are all young Amish people like that these days??? I always thought of them as hardworking peoples. Either I got a bad egg or they are not the people i thought they were.

I am thinking of suing The Budget for putting young Jeb in contact with me. I really don't know what else to do B. Keller, I am truly at my wits' end.

I look forward to your speedy reply.

Yours sincerely,

Peggy Folder

Folder's Folded Folders inc.

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