Friday, July 24, 2009

Email to singer/songwriter Aimee Mann

Dear Aimee Mann,

During these times tough times I have made a point to help others. I tip taxi drivers more and also give homeless people dimes now instead of pennies. And so I thought, why should I not do the same for songstresses like yourself. This is why am I enquiring as to how much to pay you in royalties.

I am a huge fan. I love your song 'You could make a killing' and often sing it whilst taking a bath (once a day, some times twice depending on my mood and/or dirt level). I believe the going statutory rate is $.08 for songs five minutes or less( 'You could make a killing' is only 3.35 minutes). Should we start payments from today (7/22/2009) or from the first time I ever sang your song in the bath (2/13/1996)?

Last Tuesday I also sung your version of the song 'Two of Us' (duet with your husband Michael Penn). Should I split the fee between the two of you ($.04 piece)? And do I simply send one check (combined $.08 in total) or would you both like your own ($.04 each)? Also, I am quite confused as to who else I need to pay as I believe John Lennon and Paul McCartney originally penned these lyrics, but Michael Jackson owns the rights to all Beatles songs and he is now deceased. So who do I pay? Do i make the check out to his 3 children, or Katherine Jackson (I hear she is taking care of his kids)? All very confusing. Please advise.

If I must be honest, I also sang your song 'Little Bombs' around 7 weeks ago whilst peeling carrots. However, I only made it halfway through the song as my neighbor popped over to borrow sugar and I forgot to finish the rest of the song. Will you require $.04 for that song too? No problem if you do, I completely understand.

On another note, I really do adore you music. I was at your concert last week at City Winery. You asked for requests and I requested that you play my favorite song 'You could make a killing'. You didn't play it. Is that because you did not want to pay yourself the $.08? Just wondering. I would have paid on your behalf quite happily. Perhaps next time.

Thank you for helping me work out the best way to pay you, Aimee. Please let me know ASAP on how you would like to do this- I don't want the guilt of singing your songs and not paying hanging over my head.

Your biggest fan,

Peggy Folder


Just thought of a great way to get people to pay you! You could have a payment section on your site called 'Paimee Mann' ( Pay me man). Geddit?. Would do you think? If you do this 'You could make a killing'. Let me know, I can help you!

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