Monday, July 20, 2009

Email to Noah's Ark Water Park

Dear Noah,

I have been wondering where to spend my summer holidays and then it hit me - Wisconsin Dells! So I looked it up and there it was, a link to your site. What a great site, Noah! I am definitely visiting your water park when i visit Wisconsin Dells. How could I not!? Being a good Christian I have no excuse NOT to visit you and your ark, Noah.

I do have some important questions though that I am hoping you can answer for me.

Do we have to go down your slides in pairs?
I will be traveling alone, so naturally I will not have a friend with me. Will I still be able to use your slides alone? And if we must go down in pairs should my other half be male, rather than female?

Also, I can only engage in water activities in which no one else has used the same water. Can you please confirm that when I use you water slides, the water will be fresh and not have been used by others. This is a medical condition. I can bring a note from my doctor if need be.

Please let me know as soon as you can so I can book my tickets to your water park. I can't wait!!!

Thank you in advance,

Peggy Folder.

Ever though of using the slogan " Noah's Ark Water park - it's double the fun!"???

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